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Team Green Perry’s

9th Sept 2014 Quick update on super result in other hobbies:

We got new Agility Champion! SWD Tinka (Green Perry’s Tinkerbell) gained this title in august.

Paavo (GPs Quick’n Easy) did great 1st price in winners class in blood tracking! One more for Tracking Champion title!

Poju (GPs Feeling High) did amazing 28/30 points in terriers water working trial! One more to gain second ever in parsons-champion title!

Elmo (GPs Boomer) he’s winning agility competitions so often that you can’t even follow :O Now they are heading to Luxembourg Agility World Champions to compete in Finnish national team!

SWD Pita (GPs Marmalade) went to charatcter test and got +170 points. Very good evaluation in different sections!

8th Aug 2014 World Winner Show judge Zena Thorn Andrews, UK.

Best of Breed puppy Green Perry’s Deejay Dante ”Riemu” and Best of Opposite Green Perry’s Disco Dancer ”Kide”


On left Kide and right Riemu.

In big open class females Ain a(GP’s Zabumbele) placed 4th!

Champion class females Luru placed 2nd.

Luka (GP’s Milk Chocolate) EXC, Melu (GPs Bandit’s Bay) VG And judge was very impressed of his fit and muscular condition! Milka (GPs Milk Maid) VG.


Green Perry’s Breeders group team from left Aina (Green Perry’s Zabumbele), Luru (GPs Butterfly) and Luka (GPs Milk Chocolate). Picture Leena Mäkelä.

6th Aug 2014 World Terrier Show judges Suzanne Pattyn, Belgium and Laura Cox, Ireland. 102 entries in parsons. What A Day!

Best of Breed, Best of Breed Working Dog, Best of Opposite Working Dog, Best Male 4 and Best of Breed Breeder for Kennel Green Perry’s!!!

BOB and BOB working dog Green Perry’s Butterfly ”Luru”

Best male 4, resCAC and Best of Opposite Working dog Green Perry’s Boomer ”Elmo”

Huge open class males 4th Green Perry’s Quick’n Easy ”Paavo”

Even bigger open class with females 2nd Green Perry’s Milk Maid ”Milka”

Best of Opposite veteran and resCAC Nado Shiz’s Loyola Green Perry ”Helmi” at the of 10 years.


Helmi (Nado Shiz’s Loyola Green Perry) 10 yrs. Picture Julia Toivio.

The winning breeders group: Green Perry’s Butterfly, Milka Maid, Flying Finn and Boomer.


Left Green Perry’s Butterfly and right Green Perry’s Boomer. Picture Heli Korpinen.

27th July 2014 Helsinki All breed show judge Hanne Laine jensen, Denmark. Best of Sex and new FINNISH CHAMPION Green Perry’s Zabumbele ”Aina”!


Left BOB Aarreglatt and right Green Perry’s Zabumbele. Picture Sonja van de Leur

26th July 2014 Porvoo group show judge Kimmo Mustonen, Finland. Best of Breed Green Perry’s Butterfly and CAC Green Perry’s Milk Maid ”Milka” 🙂

PorvooKR2013PicVicce Milka ja Luru (1)

Year ago we took same placements 🙂 Luru left, Milka right.

Same day in Savitaipale was Water Working Trial for terriers (parson champions). Poju (GPs Feeling High) was in his first trial and got his first First Price and placed second after water working champion!


Poju (Green Perry’s Feeling High) retunring tracked bird.

13th July 2014 Blood Tracking Trial Green Perry’s Quick’n Easy (Paavo) got his second first price in open class and nowon they’ll compete in winners class!


Green Perry’s Quick’n Easy. Picture Sonja van de leur

6th July 2014 Agirotu Agilitycompetition we had three Green Perry’s breed teams. ”Team GP’s Bandit’s” was picked to be in ten best dresses competitions (about 45 teams competing in dressing up). We also had GP Team Rascals and SWD Team Flaming Waterdogs, who ended up to placed second in actually agility team competitions!


GP Team Bandit’s: Annina Myllyaho and Onni (GPs Emmeret Earnan) and Elmo (GPs Boomer), Me and Luru (GPs Butterfly) and Maija Viitanen and melu (GPs Bandit’s Bay). Also in Team Kide (GPs Disco Dancer 6 months and Julia 1 year and Manna 1,5 year 🙂


Team GP Rascals: Niina Sallinen, Sonja van de Leur and Poju (GPs Feeling High), Maria Auranen and Aina (GPs Zabumbele) and Gunilla Ahllund and Oliver (GPs Oliver)


Saila Sovela and Lilli (GPs nadador Nordica)


Ella Forselius and Pita (GPs Marmalade)


Hanna Nykänen and Mingo (GPs Nubarron Negra)

28th June 2014 in Forssa all breed show under judge SOLECKYJ SZPUNAR VIVAMARIA Poland (36 entries) Green Perry’s Butterfly Best of Sex and Arvi (Green Perry’s Fair Wind) VG.

2nd Jun 2014 Agility competitions Elmo (FI Ag CH AG jCH Working CH Green Perry’s Boomer) did amazaing DOUBLE WINNINGS with clear courses and he’s now also AGILITY CHAMPION!


Agility super couple and fresh Agility Champion Annina Myllyaho and Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer)

1st Jun 2014 Lohja blood tracking trial we had two first timers doing great work. Paavo (Green Perry’s Quick’n Easy) OPEN2 39 points and Poju (Green Perry’s Feeling High) OPEN1 48/50 points!


Paavo (Green Perry’s Quick’n Easy) Pic Sonja van de Leur


Poju (Green Perry’s Feeling High) pic Sonja van de Leur

1st Jun 2014 Tuusula spaniels speciality show SWD Poju (Green Perry’s Be My Mr Right) won his first CAC in his second show ever beeing Best of Opposite! His litter brother Sasu (Green Perry’s Be My Superstar) came right behind with resCAC!


Poju (Green Perry’s Be My Mr Right). Picture Elina Pettinen

1st Jun 2014 Tallinn Estonia group show judge Hanne Laine-Jensen Denmark. Best of Breed Luru (Green Perry’s Butterfly) with CAC and she can add ESTONIAN CHAMPION and BALTIC CHAMPION to her long list of titles 🙂 Jaska (Green Perry’s Flying Finn) VG1 and Elmo (GPs Boomer) EXC1. Kennel Green Perry’s Best Breeder with HP and Best in Show 4 brace Luru and Jaska!


Left Best of Opposite Aarreglat and left Best of Breed Green Perry’s Butterfly. Picture Anita Liukas.


Best breeders group from left Elmo, Luru and Jaska. Picture Anita Liukas.

31st May 2014 Tallinn, Estonia INT show judge Karen MacIntyre New Zeeland Luru (Green Perry’s Butterfly) Best bitch 2 resCACIB, Jaska (Green Perry’s Flying Finn) EXC jun3, Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) VG.


Tallinn International Show junior males from left: Aarreglat EXC2, Celoco Fergus VG, Green Perry’s Flying Finn EXC3, Scream Cracker’s Chip’n’Dale EXC1 CQ EEjW-14, Tallitontun Tobias EXC4. Picture Anita Liukas

29th May 2014 Nummela cave hunting trial with fox Jaska (Green Perry’s Flying Finn) did fast B-result and LUO1 (= natural cave test passed)

Jaska 1 vee

Jaska (Green Perry’s Flying Finn)

27th May 2014 Porvoo agility competitions SWD Tinka (Green Perry’s Tinkerbell) won and became FINNISH AGILITY CHAMPION!!! 🙂 Here is a video of their winning course.

22nd May 2014 Nummela cave hunting trial with fox Paavo (Green Perry’s Quick’n Easy) did great B-result!

21st May 2014 Helsinki match show child and dog competition judge Leena Sarvi. Best in Show my doughter Joanna 5 years and Luru (Green Perry’s Butterfly).


Joanna, Luru and judge Leena Sarvi.

11th May 2014 Helsinki INT show judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe Sweden (21 parsons entered). Males open class Elmo (FI Working CH Ag jumping CH GPs Boomer) EXC 1 CQ CAC CACIB BEst of Sex! Females intermediate class Aina (GPs Zabumbele) EXC1 CQ Best bitch 3 CAC. Peppi (GPs Zanzibar) VG2. Champion class Luru (Working Champion C.I.B. FI & NO & LV & LT CH Balt & EE & LV & LT jCH Nordic Winner-13, TLNW-12, Fi JW-11, EE JW-11, BaltW-11, BalterWinner -11 Green Perry’s Butterfly) Best of Breed. Kennel Green Perry’s Best of breed breeder with HP!


Green Perry’s Zanzibar.


Beautiful Aina (Green Perry’s Zabumbele) and her second CAC. Picture Maria Auranen.


Elmo winning Best Male 🙂


Our Best of breed breeders group. from left: GPs Boomer, Butterfly, Zanzibar and Zabumbele.

12th May 2014 Agility Helsinki mini III: Double win for Annina with Elmo (GPs Boomer) 1st and Onni (AG CH AG jCH GPs Emmeret Earnan) 2nd!

Helsinki INT show SWD Pita (Green Perry’s Marmalade) VG2.


Pretty Pita. Picture Ella Forselius.

10th May 2014 Fox hunting trial Poju (GPs Feeling High) did fast first B-result immediatelly!


Poju (Green Perry’s Feeling High). Picture Sonja van de leur.

27th Apr 2014 Vaasa INT show judge Cathy Delmar Melu (GPs Bandit’s Bay) VG open class 2, Milka (TLNjW-12 GPs Milk Maid) EXC CQ open class 2, Best Bitch 3, resCAC, Luru (Working Champion C.I.B. FI & NO & LV & LT CH Balt & EE & LV & LT jCH Nordic Winner-13, TLNW-12, Fi JW-11, EE JW-11, BaltW-11, BalterWinner -11 Green Perry’s Butterfly) EXC CQ champion class 1, Best Bitch 2, res CACIB.


From left: Melu, Luru and Milka in Vaasa.

19th Apr 2014 Imarta INT show judge Stefan Sinko SWD ”Ismo” Green Perry’s be My Action Hero EXC open class 4

1st Apr 2014 We have a new WORKING CHAMPION! (fox hunting, cave) Elmo (FI AG jCH Green Perry’s Boomer) made straight line of needable results!


From left Elmo, Onni and Luru training agility.

Finnish parson club also published list of ”The best of…” 2013. Team Green Perry’s did great!

  • The Best Finnish Show parson female is Luru (Working Champion C.I.B. FI & NO & LV & LT CH Balt & EE & LV & LT jCH Nordic Winner-13, TLNW-12, Fi JW-11, EE JW-11, BaltW-11, BalterWinner -11 Green Perry’s Butterfly)
  • Luru was also in shared 6th place in Best Working dog -list
  • London (FI CH Balt & Rus & EE & LV & LT jCH Green Perry’s Milky Way) was 7th best show parson female
  • Luka (RUS & EE & FI CH RKF-13 Green Perry’s Milk Chocolate) was 4th best show male
  • Elmo (Working CH Agility jumping CH Green Perry’s Boomer) was 2nd best agility parson
  • Onni (FI AG & AG jumping CH Green Perry’s Emmeret Earnan) was in shared 8th best agilitydog

The best show parson female and 6th best working parson in Finland 2013 Green Perry’s Butterfly. Picture Tanja Ahola

29th Mar 2014 group show in Savitaipale judge Jetta Tschokkinen, Finland. Best Bitch 2 Green Perry’s Butterfly and Maisa (FI JV-12 Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts) VG. In agility competition Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) placed 1. and 2. in agility class mini III. In Saarijärvi group show Luka (Green Perry’s Milk Chocolate) Best Male 2 under judge Vesa lehtonen, Finland.

27th Feb 2014 Last weekend Elmo (FI AG-j CH Green Perry’s Boomer) took THREE clear WINS in agility III mini class! Luka (FI & RU & EE CH Green Perry’s Milk Chocolate) went to Jyväskylä INT show EXC champion class 2.

15th Feb 2014 Melu (GP’s Bandit’s Bay) made two fast clear tracks and winnings in agility class II and they got CAC and raised to highest class, mini III!


Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay ”Melu”. Picture Maija Viitanen

11th Jan 2014 SWD Hippi (Green Perry’s Sirena) got her thrid AG CAC in jumping course and she became Finnish Agility Jump Champion!!! In the same competitio her doughter Tinka (Green Perry’s Tinkerbell) run THREE super fast clear tracks! Congrats Maiju and Laura!!! Updated pictures on puppies to Puppy -page.


Maiju ja Hippi. Picture:


Tinka. Picture Laura Juuti.

7th Jan 2014 We started new year with puppy news 🙂 Milka’s (TLNJW-2012 GPs Milk Maid) and Melu’s (GPs Bandit’s Bay) got their offsprings yesterday. Two males and two females. more information from Puppy news -page.

NewBorns (13)



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