News and Results 2012


14th Dec 2012 R.I.P. my dear SWD Nuka (Concurrido Yedra). Look here pictures of our 12,5 years together.

10th Dec 2012 Last weekend we had two bog shows. First Helsinki Winner show.  Males: junior Paavo (GP’s Quick,n Easy) VG, intermediate Luka (GP’s Milk Chocolate) EXC1, open Oiva (GP’s Big Ben) VG and Elmo (GPs Boomer) VG under Irina Poletaeva. Bitched were judged by original judge Martin Phillips. Bambi (GP’s Quantum of Soul) EXC2 CQ and Maisa (GPs Queen of Hearts) was almoust sleeping in the ring after long waiting on her first show and judge would’ve like to see more temperament-VG. Int London (GP’s Milky Way) EXC. Mr Phillips judged breeders group. We had Bambi, Oiva, Elmo and Luka in the group. Judge stopped at Elmo and asked who was that georgeous dog and was sad he didn’t get to judge him… Me too! Anyway, he liked our team very much and gave HP (honour prize).

London (RU LT EE LV BALT jCH LTjW-12 GP’s Milky Way) Picture Fanny Antin.

London (RU LT EE LV BALT jCH LTjW-12 GP’s Milky Way) Picture Fanny Antin.

Very well bred team. All lovely quality. Very typical of their breed. All of good size and sounds. Well done.“ Martin Phillips

Next day was Finnish Winner show (42 entries) and Swedish judge Dan Ericksson. Jun males Paavo VG, intermediate Luka EXC CQ and class winner! Next open class males with Oiva EXC CQ and another class win! In Best Male group Oiva got upt o be best male 2, got his last CAC and became FINNISH CHAMPION! What a great way to finish his title! Luka ended up to be best male 4!!!

Junior female with Maisa ended up also with class win and Maisa (GP’s Queen of Hearts) became Finnish Junior Winner-12! Next London, who also won her class with EXC and CQ! London finnished her year with CAC also and placing best bitch 3!

JW-12 Green Perry's Queen of Hearts, Maisa. Picture Niina Karlsson

JW-12 Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts, Maisa. Picture Niina Karlsson

In breeders class we got a honour prize again and won best breeders group again 🙂 This evaluation is also nice to read: ”Great group of typical parsons with right type. All with excellent gender brand and heads. Equal types and sizes.”

SWD Tinka (GP’s Tinkerbell) won TWO agility competitions and with these rtesults they got up to the top and compete nowone in class III! What a great way to end this year! Especially if Luru’s (GP’s Butterfly) puppies born in the end of the year 🙂 I’m waiting them to born 31th Dec. I’m super excited of this litter. Go see puppis page for more details.

Tinka (GP's Tinkerbell) with her mom Hippi (GP's Sirena). Picture Laura Juuti.

Tinka (GP’s Tinkerbell) with her mom Hippi (GP’s Sirena). Picture Laura Juuti.

19th Nov 2012 Parsonrussell terriers agilitychampions in Hyvänkää 17.11.2012

Luru (GP’s Butterfly) and I won beginners class 🙂 I also competed with Elmo (GP’s Boomer) in competitors class and we became about 10th/almoust 50 competitors! And this was after one time training together. He is perfectly trained and no wonder why they have done so well in competitions with her owner, Annina. It was nice borrow him! Now Luru is out from hobbies for a while and we start to wait her tummy to grow.

Four best beginners in parsons agility champions. Luru and I in highest place 🙂 Picture by Tarja Kiri.

27th Oct 2012 International Show in Seinäjoki under judge Mats Lindborg

Best of Breed Falling Branch Bourbon Street ”Andy” became also FI CH!!!

US & LV & FI CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street

Andy also had a great date with Luru (FI & LV CH Balt & EE & LV & LT jCH FIjW-11, BalticjW-11, BalterW-11, TlnW-12 Green Perry’s Butterfly)

9th Oct 2012 Parson Speciality Show in Hyvinkää. 203 dog entered

Jugde Tarmo Viirtelä

Male puppies 7-9 months

Green Perry’s Quick’n Easy “Paavo” 1HP BOS-puppy!!!

Green Perry’s Quentin Tarantino “Viggo”

Female puppies 7-9 months

Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts “Maisa” 2HP

Green Perry’s Quite a Catch “Miisa” 3HP

Green Perry’s Quantum of Souls “Bambi”

Champion males

US & LV CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street “Andy” ERI

(in picture Mirka with Andy)

judge Jeff Luscott

intermediate females

Green Perry’s Milk Maid EXC

Judge Svante Frisk

open class females

Green Perry’s Pink Polka Dot “Lila” EXC

Green Perry’s Pure Pink “Hilma” VG

Champion females

FI & LV CH BaltjCH FIJW-11 BaltjW-11 TlnW-12 BalterW-11 Green Perry’s Butterfly “Luru” EXC CQ 3

Judge Kevin Moore males (he gave only 6 excellents all day!)


Green Perry’s Kingston “Kyösti” VG

Green Perry’s Milk Chocolate “Luka” EXC CQ 2 BM4!!!

(in picture Mirka with Luka)

open class males

Green Perry’s Big Ben “Oiva” G

Green Perry’s Billy Bob “Erkki” VG

Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay “Melu” G

Green Perry’s Boomer “Elmo” VG

Breeders class

Kennel Green Perry’s 3HP (with Luka, Elmo, Luru ja Milka)

Breeders group from left: Mirka and Luka, Annina and Onni, me and Luru, Niina and Milka

Yesterday we went to visit fox again. We had a very good group of dogs with. First timers Paavo (GP’s Quick’n Easy) and Peppi (GP’s Wild Winifred) showed very good skills!

Our visitor Patrick Dooner, kennel Jappatin, had a good weekend to see good variation of parsons and people in Finland: dinner party, show, hunting and test tubes with fox. It was a busy weekend but great! I have THE BEST group of people showing, helping, handling, organizing and driving dogs and willing to stay long days! Thank you all!

30th Sept 2012 Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) made great result again! He won already SECOND agility CAC and now he just have to wait tome to go and try to get thrid to become Finnish agility champion! Onni (FI Ag CH Green Perry’s Emmeret Earnan) made also clear course placing second. Annina and boys has definietly earned their place in the very top in Finnish mini agility.

Week from now is parson speciality show weekend. There’s 203 parsons entered! Last year we had awsome results! Green Perry’s won BOB & BOS junior, won both CAC’s (male and female), Luru won BOS out of 120 females and Kennel Green Perry’s were BIS breeder. Last year there were 250 parson’s entered. On saturday we’ll have our clubs 20 year anniversary dinner party 🙂 Great weekend coming and great to have some visitors from Ireland! Here is pictures of our winning team last year.

Viggo (Green Perry’s Quentin Tarantino) was here and got his coat trimmed for show next Sunday.

16th Sept 2012 BOB Green Perry’s Butterfly (Green Perry’s Butterfly), SWD Into (FI CH Green Perry’s Chocolate) BOBveteran. In agility Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) did a amazing TRIPLE ZERO result in highest class in agility!!!

Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) showing good hjunting skills, also!

8th Sept 2012 BOBpuppy in Porvoo Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts 🙂

2nd Sept 2012 Helsinki judge Kornelia Butrimova BOBpuppy Bambi (Green Perry’s Quantum of Soul) and 2nd female puppy Maisa (Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts).

Green Perry’s Quantum of Soul. Picture Viivi Koskipää.

1st Sept 2012 Tampere group show (24 entries) under judge Nils Molin, Sweden, Best of Breed with CAC Oiva (Green Perry’s Big Ben) and second best male BM-2 his brother Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer). Third brother, Erkki (Green Perry’s Billy Bob)  travelled all the way to Belarus to get two resCACIBs.

Green Perry’s Boomer, Elmo. Picture Annina Myllyaho.

27th Aug 2012 in France waterdogs speciality show Cami (Green Perry’s Cañamo) won Best of Breed Veteran and Best of Breed!

Green Perry’s Cañamo. Picture Leila Räsänen

25th Aug 2012 In terrier speciality show (28 entries) under judge Tiina Illukka puppies 5-7 months first timer Bambi (GP’s Quantum of Soul) placed 2. Intermediate class London (GP’s Milk Maid) EXC CQ BB-4 and Milka (GP’s Milk Maid) VG and Luru (GP’s Butterfly) champion class EXC CQ BB-3.

Peppi (Green Perry’s Wild Winifred) won her last clear course in agility class I and now on she will compete in class II!

Green Perry’s Wild Winifred, Peppi. Picture Anu Suomela

5th Aug 2012 In Kuopio Savo Show (3 x INT shows) London (RU LT EE LV BALT jCH LTjW-12 GP’s Milky Way) was EXC1, EXC1 resCAC and VG. Oiva (GP’s Big Ben) VG, VG1, EXC1.

In Lithuania Hilma (Green Perry’s Pure Pink) BB2 resCACIB in boths Shows. Today in Estonia, Pärnu BB3 resCACIB.

Green Perry’s Pure Pink ”Hilma” pictured couple days ago.

Green Perry’s Pure Pink

Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) won today his final agility CAC and he’s now competing in champion level, class III!!!

Happy winner. Green Perry’s Boomer. Picture Annina Myllyaho.

SWD Nehvi (Green Perry’s Sonya) passes charatcer test getting +110 points. Nehvi is still first and only spanish waterdog passing AHBA hearding test.

SWD Mingo (Green Perry’s Nubarron Negra) got ticket to compete in class II in agility!

29th Jul 2012 Mikkeli INT show Luka (GP’s Milk Chocolate) won his first CAC and CACIB and placed BM-2 (best male 2)!!! Today on Pori INT show Luru (FI & LV CH TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) won BOS (best of sex) and CACIB. London (RU LT EE LV BALT jCH LTjW-12 GP’s Milky Way) was in the same show and she placed BB2 (best bitch2) and won CAC. Nice double win 🙂

Melu (Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay) started his agility career with first three competitions. After ”training” two first ones, he and Maija decided to win! Result 0 and first LUVA (needs 3 to get the next level)!!!

After getting back to home in this heat, Luru got to play with water in our garden. Boy, she loves it 😀 In the front page (text is in finnish) more pictures on Luru and Milka (TlnJW-12 GP’s Milk Maid) and out guest. Milka has been visiting us for a week. I trimmed her and a bit later she’s going for shows, too.

21st Jul 2012 Mäntsälä all breed show under Yvonne Cannon, Ireland (30 parsons) our dogs did well again 🙂 In males Erkki (GP’s Billy Bob) EXC1 CQ BM-2 resCC, Melu (Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay) EXC2 CQ BM4 and Oiva (GP’s Big Ben) EXC3. Females Lila (GP’s Pink Polka Dot) EXC4 and Luru (TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) won Best of Breed, CC and became Finnish Champion! Her Latvian CC also activated and she’s also LV CH now 🙂 Kennel Green Perry’s was also best breeder with HP!

My pride and joy: FI & LV CH TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly
Picture by K. Karlsson

15th Jul 2012 London (RU LT EE LV BALT jCH LTjW-12 GP’s Milky Way) won BOB and CC in Forssa all breed show under judge Rafael Escar Tabueña from Spain. Congratulations! London also had a trip to Norway two weeks ago and won there resCC and BB-3.

Green Perry’s Milky Way (London) in Norway. Picture Fanny Antin.

Today in Lammi group show Ewa Nielssen from Sweden put Luru (TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) BB-2 and resCC. Andy (US & LV CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street) had his first show in Finland beeing BM-3. Melu (Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay) VG4.

Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay

24th Jun 2012 Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) started his competitions in class II in Agility. He did awsome job with Annina: doudle wins with double 0! One more and it’s hello class III!

21st Jun 2012 Onni (Green Perry’s Emmeret Earnan) just got two different Agility Champion titles and they got results to compete in Finnish Agility Champions they did not just do well, they WON BRONZE out of 219 competitors!!!!! They’ve done a lot of hard work and it definietly has given results! I’m so happy for these two to do so well.

Helsinki INT show under judge Juha Palosaari Luru (TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) won BOS CC and CACIB. In front page new pictures of GP’s Z-puppies taken today at the age of 5,5 weeks. One promising female available.

12th Jun 2012 Amazing weekend again! In Riga, Latvija Luru (TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) won BOB CAC CACIB, Andy (Falling Branch Bourbon Street) BOS CAC CACIB and he became LV CH! London (RU LT EE jCH LTjW-12 GP’s Milky Way) BB2 jCAC and she became also LV jCH and Baltic junior Champion!

Andy (AM & LV CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street) and luru (TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) in Riga. Picture Anni Leivo.

In Finland Kangasniemi Luka (GP’s Milk Chocolate) BM2 resCAC! In Tuuri Kyösti (TlnW-12 TlnjW-12 GP’s Kingston) VG.

We also have a new agilitycompetitor, Peppi (GP’s Winifred) had their first win with 0-result! Two more and they get ticket to higher class!

Peppi (Green Perry’s Wild Winifred) and her prizec. Picture by Anu Suomela.

3rd Jun 2012 Onni (Green Perry’s Emmeret Earnan) became also FINNISH AGILITY CHAMPION!!!! I’m so happy for your hard work giving such a great results! They also represent in parsons Finnish champion mini team and individuals also.

In Tallinn Winner show Luru (TlnW-12, FI JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) BB-2 CAC and CACIB 🙂 What a weekend again!

Green Perry’s Butterfly ”Luru”. Picture K. Karlsson

Have a look at this video: Green Perry’s Marmalade cleaning the park. SWD Pita (Green Perry’s Marmalade in database).

20th May 2012 SWD Into (Green Perry’s Chocolate) in Salo group show today BOB, BOBveteran and FINNISH CHAMPION at the age 8,5 yeras!!!

Green Perry’s Chocolate picture by Johanna Suuronen

17th May 2012 Onni (Green Perry’s Emmeret Earnan) became FINNISH AGILITY jumping CHAMPION!!!! He got two 0-results and got winning other and placing second in other competition. With Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) owner/trainer Annina won TWO courses and Elmo got ticket to class II and they just started their competition career! What a great day to Annina ja awsome result for hard working and training! CONGRATULATION!!!

Left Elmo, Onni on the right. Picture Annina Myllyaho.

14th May 2012 I’m so proud! In agility SWDs Tinka (Green Perry’s Tinkerbell) and Viivi (Green Perry’s Ciruela) made last great result to get ticket to compete in class II!!! In champion ship level (class III) SWD Hippi (Green Perry’s Sirena) WON and got agCAC and parson Onni (Green Perry’s Emmereat Earnan) also made a great clear track and WON!

In Hamina INT show London (RUS & LT & EE jCH TTjW-12 Green Perry’s Milky Way) got EXC CQ BB3 CACIB!

And the least at this weekend but not the last: Yasse (Green Perry’s Jolie Jennifer) got puppies! Look at the puppies -page for more details.

Quite a mothersday gifts from ”my” dogs, or what!? 🙂 Congratulations to all!

Yasse with new borns. Picture taken by Mervi Helminen.

6th May 2012 Great agility results again! SWD Hippi (Green Perry’s Sirena) made double win in medi III-class and they got AgCAC!!

5th May 2012 Rauma all breed show RUS & LT & EE jCH TTjW-12 Green Perry’s Milky Way ”London” EXC CQ BOSjun, BB2, resCAC! Kirkkonummi agility competition Green Perry’s Boomer ”Elmo” started his agility career with result 5 placing 2nd and WINNING his next start with clear course!

Green Perry’s Boomer ”Elmo” pictured by Leena Mäkelä

1. May 2012 In Lahti INT 29 .Apr Luru (GP’s Butterfly) EXC and Luka (GP’s Milk Chocolate) EXC CQ jun3 🙂

Luru pictured today stopped for a second while playing with a stick 🙂

Luka (GP’s Milk Chocolate) standing a bit funny but you can see his handsome profile. Picture by owner Mirka Kerkelä.

21. Apr 2012 Welcome to Finland, Andy! I’m so happy to tell, that Andy, Am CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street, has finally here! He is owned with Kennel Mahottoman. Thank you Lynn & Liz from this georgeus boy!

Andy’s first steps in Finland.

15. Apr 2012 Tallinn Winner INT Show in Estonia. Judge Janusz Opara, Poland
Green Perry’s Kingston EXC junCAC BOBjun TalJW-12 BOS TalW-12
Green Perry’s Milk Maid EXC junCAC BOSjun TalJW-12
Green Perry’s Boomer EXC CAC CACIB BM2
Green Perry’s Butterfly EXC CAC CACIB BOB TalW-12

BOB breeder HP Kennel Green Perry’s

Green Perry’s Kingston ”Kyösti” as puppy.

Not bad trip at all 🙂

31. Mar 2012 Green Perry’s Butterfly Best show parson bitch 2. in Finland 2011! Green Perry’s Emmeret Earnan 6th best agility parson 2011!

One of the SWD puppies pictured 5 days old.

26. Mar 2012 SWD puppies born! 4 males, 3 females. 1-2 males available. All black/dark brown with white markings on chests. More information -> Puppies.

In Latvian Winner Show Riga Erkki (GP’s Billy Bob) and Sylvi (Danscan’s Frederika) BIS-3 couple (brace)! Congratulations Sari!

This is Nelli (Nadador Boca de Dragon). Mother of seven about week before giving birth. Picture Vilja Louho.

11.Mar 2012 Again great show result from London (Rus & EE jCH GP’s Milky Way)! Now she competed in Lithuania and gained LT jCH and LT jW-12 titles! Congratulations!

RUS & EE & LT jCH LT JW-12 Green Perry’s Milky Way. Picture by Fanny Antin

3. Mar 2012 Today in Tallinn, Estonia London (Green Perry’s Milky Way) was BOB and got junCAC gaining EE jCH title! Updated 4 week pictures of Q-litter to front page.

4. Feb 2012 London (Green Perry’s Milky Way) won 2 BOB in Russia and got RUS jCH title! Congratulations! In Keuruu group show Luka (GP’s Milk Chocolate) JUN EXC 3 and Erkki (GP’s Billy Bob) INT1 EXC CQ. Not bad at all 😉 Updated puppy picture in front of finnish page.

1. Feb 2012 Little parson puppies (2+4) born today! More information on Puppies-page.

29.1.2012 ”Lila” (Green Perry’s pink Polka Dot) is here ready for her puppies. Tey are about to due in a week 🙂 I also got pretty white SWD girl ”Nelli” for my breeding. Thank you for all lovely people to make this happen! More information to Puppies-page.

21.1.2012 Turku Int show judge David Shields GB Milka (Green Perry’s Milk Maid) junior EXC CQ2. Finnish side front page pictures (taken by Thomas Tuominen) of Green Perry’s beginners agility course. Nice to have many new agilitydogs on tracks 🙂

Green Perry’s Milk Maid. Picture by Family Ståhlberg.


10.-11.12.2011 St Petersburg, Russia.

London (Green Perry’s Milky Way) EXC CQ junCAC BB2 and another show on sunday she also won junCAC! Congratulations!

Green Perry’s Milky Way picture Fanny Antin

10.12.2011 Stockholm, Sweden. Judge Liselotte Johansson

Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) VG

Jussi (Green Perry’s Milk’n Honey) VG

Luru (JW-11, BaltjW-11, EEjW-11, BalTerW-11 Baltic & EE & LT & LV jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly) EXC2 CQ

Green Perry’s Milk’n Honey

Upper bed Luru, lower bed Elmo in Viking Line boat cabin 🙂

It was nice to see parson people from Sweden and Norway and we had a great time! Stockholm was having Noble prize gala, natzis and against-racism demontrations, road blocks, helicopters, one car full of lost Finns, big strom on the way to Sweden and we saw the King!

7.12.2011 Tampere group show judge Paula Rekiranta, Finland

SWD Green Perry’s Chocolate ”Into” EXC CQ BOS-veteran

Today eye and knee examination and all clear Green Perry’s Pure Pink, Bandit’s Bay and Butterfly 🙂

4.12.2011 Winner 2011 show judge Cathy Delmar, Ireland

Junior males

Melu (Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay) VG
Erkki (Green Perry’s Billy Bob) VG
Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) VG

Luka (Green Perry’s Milk Chocolate) VG

Junior bitches

Luru (Green Perry’s Butterfly) EXC1 CQ CAC BB2 Junior Winner 2011!

Milka (Green Perry’s Milk Maid) EXC2 CQ BB4 resCAC!

London (Green Perry’s Milky Way) EXC3

Green Perry’s Milky Way 7 months picture Fanny Antin

SWD Green Perry’s Totoro EXC open class2 (picture lower)

(**Father for next litter, Mahottoman Qiivas Qaspar wos BM2 CAC resCACIB in both big shows!**)

Again we had a great weekend. I’m very thankfull everyone for helping, bringing, showing, handling and waiting 🙂

Here is one picture couple months ago when Melu was over playing with my Luru and staffie Nitro (Scarface Tango)

3.12.2011 Helsinki Winner show judge Ligita Zake, Latvia

Junior males

Melu (Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay) EXC
Erkki (Green Perry’s Billy Bob) VG
Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) EXC3

Luka (Green Perry’s Milk Chocolate) EXC4

Green Perry’s Boomer’s cute head

Junior bitches

Luru (Green Perry’s Butterfly) EXC2 CQ resCAC

Milka (Green Perry’s Milk Maid) EXC4

London (Green Perry’s Milky Way) VG

Intermediate bitches

Yasse (Green Perry’s Jolie Jennifer) VG

BOB breeder with HP Kennel Green Perry’s (showing Elmo, Luka, Milka and Luru)

SWD Green Perry’s Totoro VG

27.11.2011 SWD Hippi (Green Perry’s Sirena) won medi3 class in agility and they got agiCAC! In picture three agility rockets: Tinka (GP’s Tinkerbell) their mom Hippi (GP’s Sirena) ja Tonto (GP’s Tintin).

13.11.2011 Finnish parson agility champions: ”not yet officially competed class” Winner!!!: Elmo (Green Perry’s Boomer) and Annina, 4th Peppi (Green Perry’s Wild Winifred) and Anu. Congratulations!

13.11.2011 Kouvola Group Show (FCI 6, 7 & 8) BM3 EXC CQ Green Perry’s Totoro (SWD)

29.10.2011 Seinäjoki INT show: Melu (Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay) EXC

2.10.2011 Parson Speciality Show judges A. A. Cuthbertson & M. King: BOB junior, BOS EXC CQ CAC BaltJW-11 EEJW-11 BalterW-11 Baltic & EE & LV & LT jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly ”Luru”, BM2 BOS junior CQ CAC Green Perry’s Boomer ”Elmo”, EXC Green Perry’s Billy Bob ”Erkki”, EXC CQ veteran2 BaltW-07, EEW-05,-09 FI & LV & EE CH Green Perry’s Lori Lithlad ”Nasta” and with this four dog we won Best in Show Breeder! Baby puppy male 2HP Green Perry’s Kingston. Puppies 7-9 month females 1HP Green Perry’s Milk Maid, 2 Green Perry’s Milky Way. VG’s Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay, Green Perry’s Big Ben, Green Perry’s Jolie Jennifer, Green Perry’s Oliver.

BIS Breeder kennel Green Perry’s

Left: BOS Green Perry’s Butterfly, right BOB Miselin Mordor

Left: BOS junior Green Perry’s Boomer and right BOB junior Green Perry’s Butterfly



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