Parson russell terriers

Kide 4 kk

Green Perry’s Disco Dancer 6 months

Green Perry’s Disco Dancer ”Kide

(Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay x TlnJW-12 Green Perry’s Milk Maid)

Born. 6.1.2014

Kide lives in Seinäjoki with breeding contract



Hilla 11 viikkoaSeisoo

Green Perry’s Fairy Tale 11 weeks picture P. Valtonen

Green Perry’s Fairy Tale ”Hilla

(US & FI & LV CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street x FI & LV & LT CH TlnW-12 FIJW-11 EEJW-11 BaltJW-11 BalterW-11 Balt & EE & LV & LT jCH Green Perry’s Butterfly)

Born. 2.1.2013

Health: PLL & LOA clear by parentage

Hilla lives with breeding contract in Kupio.



FI JW-12 Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts (picture Leena Mäkelä)

FI JW-12 Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts ”Maisa

(FI CH FI JW-10 Mahottoman Qiivas Qaspar x Green Perry’s Pink Polka Dot)

Born: 1.2.2012

Health: PLL clear

Picture Karlsson’s

Results: CAC, Finnish Junior Winner 2012


TlnJW-12 Green Perry’s Milk Maid ”Milka

Green Perry’s Milk Maid (picture Ståhlbergs)

(FI & N & SE CH HelW-10, FI W-10 Maitomiehen Morgan x EEJW-09 Nado Shiz’s Semiramis)

Milka lives in Espoo with family Ståhlberg with breeding contract.
Born 20.1.2011
Shows: CAC, Tallinna Junior Winner 2012, EE junCAC

Health: eyes and knees ok 0/0, PLL clear, LOA-carrier

C.I.B. BALT & FI & LV & LT & EE & RUS & N CH NordicWinner -13, TlnW-12 FIJW-11 EEJW-11 BaltJW-11 BalterW-11 Balt & EE & LV & LT jCH FI Working CH Green Perry’s Butterfly ”Luru

Green Perry’s Butterfly (picture Eija Viitanen)

(C.I.B. IE & LV & EE CH Torlishill Its A Kinda Magic x Nado Shiz’s Loyola Green Perry)
Luru” stayd at home to replace huge hole Merri (FI & EST CH EEVetW-07,-08 Kanelikorvan Merry Mermaid) left behind. We have started to train agility and obedience. She has also started her show career with awsome results.
Born 13.7.2010
Health: eyes clear, knees 0/0, PLL genetically clear, LOA-clear by parentage
  • Best of Breed and Best Working Dog in World Terrier Show 2014 (102 entries)
  • Best show parson female 2013
  • BOS in Parson Speciality show 2011 (out of 120 females, competed in junior class)
  • BB-2 in 2013 parson speciality show (200 entries).
  • International Show Champion, Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian and Norweigian show champion, Baltic, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian junior champion, Nordic Winner -13, Estonian Junior Winner 2011, Baltic Junior Winner 2011, Balter Winner 2011, Finnish Junior Winner 2011, Tallinn Winner 2012, Crufts Qualified for life.
  • Finnish Working Champion (fox).
  • Missing only one result from water working champion title
  • Canine Good Citizen diploma.
  • Trains agility (2012 parson agility champion in beginners class)
  • Best show parson bitch 2. in Finland 2011! (Starting her career in April and only 1 point behind the winner).
  • Best family dog ever!
 C.I.B. IE & LV & EE CH Torlishill It’s a Kind of Macig Bandit
(IR CH CW-06,-07 W-06 Jappatin Polar Ice x Jappatin Rose of Killoe)
Born 6.11.2005
Health: eyes and knees ok, PLL-genetically clear. LOA-clear
9 x CACIB ( 5 from Ireland, 2 from Estonia, 2 from Latvia), 1 x resCACIB, 2 x Estonian Certificate. Bandit lives with my friend in Seinäjoki.
Imported from Ireland Kennel Jappatin.
Owner: Kennel Green Perry’s (Photo © Jappatin)
* * *

USA & LV & FI CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street “Andy

LV & US CH Falling Branch Bourbon Street (Pic A. Leivo)

(Am CH Falling Branch Just A Gigolo x Am CH Emerald Fox Mardi Gras)

Born: 15.10.2009

Health: eyes and knees ok 0/0, PLL clear, BAER normal, CERF clear, LOA-clear

Imported from U.S.A. Kennel Falling Branch.

Owned by Kennels Green Perry’s & Karvahaalarin



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