Parson russell terrier puppies:

Puppies born 6th january 2014:  2 boys and 2 girls for Milka (TlnJW-12 Green Perry’s Milk Maid) and Melu (Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay). This litter goes to great swedish and norweigian dogs. There’s many champions and dogs with very good working abilities in this pedigree. Also they have great characters. Both eye and patella tested clear. Milka PLL carrier, Melu PLL clear. Milka has CAC from shows and she’s Tallinn Junior Winner 2012. Melu was EXC 2. CQ in parson open show from 24 males in open class. Both train agility, Melu competes in mini 2 class.

Click to view pedigree *clikcs*

Girl1 (2)

Girl 1

Girl2 (6)

Girls 2

Boy1 (3)

Boy 1

Boy2 (1)

Boy 2

Here are parents:

TlnJW-12 Green Perry’s Milk Maid ”Milka”

Green Perry’s Bandit’s Bay ”Melu”

Parents are PLL clear, eyes and knees checked, LOA-tested (clear & carrier).

Petra Morbin

petra.morbin @ gmail.com

+358 45 631 6601

Perro de Aqua espagnol – Spanish waterdog puppies:

Next litter is yet unconfirmed



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