Green Perry’s Scarlett O’Hara ”Lumi” won THREE placements in Ireladn in three different all breed shows in puppy classes! She placed BIS3. BIS4 and reserveBIS!


Lumi winning reserve Best In Show puppy in Hibernian All Breed Championship Show May 2015. Picture Team Jappatin.


World Winner Show in Helsinki 2014 judge Zena Thorn-Andrews, UK (for puppies and junior males Marie Merchant, Australia)

Best of Breed and Best of Opposite puppies Green Perry’s Deejay Dante ”Riemu” and Green Perry’s Disco Dancer ”Kide”


Green Perry’s Deejay Dante ”Riemu”

World Terrier Show in August 2014 judges Suzanne Pattyn, Belgium and Laura Cox, Ireland.

Best of Breed, Best of Breed Working Dog, Best of Opposite Working Dog, Best Male 4 and Best of Breed Breeder for Kennel Green Perry’s!!!

BOB and BOB working dog Green Perry’s Butterfly ”Luru”

Best male 4, resCAC and Best of Opposite Working dog Green Perry’s Boomer ”Elmo”

Best of Opposite veteran and resCAC Nado Shiz’s Loyola Green Perry ”Helmi” at the of 10 years.


The winning breeders group: Green Perry’s Butterfly, Milka Maid, Flying Finn and Boomer.


Mothers Day May 2014 Helsinki International show judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe Sweden: Best of Breed Green Perry’s Butterfly, Best of Opposite Green Perry’s Boomer female CAC for Green Perry’s Zabumbele and Best of breed breeder with these three and Green Perry’s Zanzibar.


Best of Breed breeders group in Helsinki Mother’s Day show 2014. From left: Boomer, Butterfly, Zanzibar and Zabumbele.


Finnish Parsonrussell Terrier organization official The Dog of the Year:

  • Best Show bitch 2013 Green Perry’s Butterfly ”Luru”, 8th Green Perry’s Milky Way ”London”

In December 2013 there were three big international shows in Helsinki (Helsinki Winner, Finnish Winner and Nordic Winner). In Nordir Winner Show was judged by Hans Lehtinen, Finland. Luru won the title Nordic Winner 2013. In all Three show Kennel Green Perry’s won best of Breed breeder! I was also awarded with Vuolasvirta -trophy. It’s a highest recognition from Finninsh Kennel Club for breeders from succesful breeding work.


Best of breed breeders group from left: Butterfly, Queen of Hearts, Milky Way, Milk Chocolate.


Nordic Winner 2013 Green Perry’s Butterfly and I.


Luru winning Best Bitch in Nordic Winner show December 2013.

Finnish Parson Speciality Show 2013 judges Kimmo Mustonen Finland, Alan Small UK and Patrick Dooner Ireland. 190 entered parsons. Finnish judge placed Luru third in champion class. In Best bitch competition changed it a bit and in the end Patrick Dooner placed Luru (Green Perry’s Butterfly) Best Bitch2! My Swedish import Nado Shiz’s Loyola Green Perry and her last litter (Green Perry’s Butterfly, Boomer, Bandit’s Bay and Big Ben) won BIS1 Pregeny class.


Luru (Green Perry’s Butterfly) Best Bitch 2


From left: Nado Shiz’s Loyola Green Perry and her offsprings Bandit’s Bay, Boomer, Butterfly and Big Ben.

April 2013 Helsinki Terrier group show Kennel Green Perry’s won Best in Show 2 breeders group. We had Butterfly, Boomer, Queen of Hearts and Zabumbele in the group.


Finnish Winner Show December 2012 judge Dan Ericsson Sweden. We got both available CAC’s in the show! Female CAC went to London (Green Perry’s Milky Way) and males to Oiva (Green Perry’s Big Ben) and he became champion in this big show. Maisa (Green Perry’s Queen of Hearts) won Junior Winner -title and Kennel Green Perry’s was Best of Breed breeders group.


New Champion Green Perry’s Big Ben.


Finnish Parson Speciality Show 2011. Judges Arthur Cuthbertson and Max King, UK. 250 entered parsons. We won more than I ever dared to even wish for! Best of Breed junior Green Perry’s Butterfly and Best of Opposite junior Green Perry’s Boomer. Best Bitch Green Perry’s Butterfly and Kennel Green Perry’s as a Best in Show breeders group.


From left Green Perry’s Boomer, Lori Lithlad, Butterfly and Billy Bob.


Two best juniors: Green Perry’s Boomer and Butterfly


Lefht best Bitch Green Perry’s Butterfly and Best of Breed Miselin Mordor

Earlier years

2007 was a show where we gathered SWD owners. We had great time andit was lovely to see everyone!

Me kaikki

Happy Green Perry’s team 2007.

Year 2007 we got our first Internation Beauty Champion C.I.B. Green Perry’s MacTiernan ”Koda”.

C.I.B. FI & EE & LV CH BaltW-06 EEW-07 Green Perry’s MacTiernan ”Koda”

Baltic Winner show 2006 in Tallinn Best of Breed breeders group and new Baltic Winner.


Porvoo national show 2004 we got first time good winners. Judge Harry Tast, Finland. Best of Breed Green Perry’s Lori Lithlad, Best Bitch 2 Green Perry’s Leeloo Lorien and Best Bitch 4 my Merri, Kanelikorvan Merry Mermaid, their mother 🙂



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